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Wastwater Treatment and Recycling Products


DF90 (Ultra-Low-Pressure High Desalination Nanofiltration Membrane)

The DF90 (Ultra-Low-Pressure High Rejection Nanofiltration Membrane) can highly reject salts and effectively remove small organic compounds, bacteria and viruses. It is featured with low operating pressure, high permeated flow and high recovery rate.

It has been selected as the Major Environmental Protection Equipment. 


  • High retention rate: High removal rate for small organic compounds, eg., insecticide, herbicide etc., as well as bacteria and viruses ,etc;

  • High recovery rate: The water recovery rate of the system reaches as high as 85%, and is above 10% more than the traditional low-pressure RO membrane;

  • Low operation pressure: The system operation pressure is 0.4~0.7MPa and is above 30% lower than the traditional low-pressure RO membrane;

  • Low operation cost: Long cleaning interval, less chemical consumption and less maintenance cost.



Note: *Design flux is determined by the water temperature and water quality conditions.


Notes: (1) *The water permeate flow has ±15% fluctuations according to the actual condition;
          (2) Test conditions: 2,000 ppm NaCl or MgSO₄, 70 psi (0.48MPa), 25℃ , pH=7.5~8.0, recovery rate of 15%.


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