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OWUF (External Ultrafiltration Membrane Unit)

The OWUF (External Ultrafiltration Membrane Unit), composed of different quantities of external ultrafiltration membrane modules, can be flexibly configured according to the requirements of application. The unit is equipped with circular water and air distribution structure to effectively control fouling. The OWUF unit has been successfully applied in the world’s largest reclaimed water projects (1 million m³/d), and becomes the milestone for ultrafiltration membrane unit application in the reclaimed water field. 


  • Excellent effluent quality: Narrow membrane pore size distribution, high filtration precision, effluent turbidity less than 0.5NTU;

  • Strong fouling resistance: Due to wide spacer structure, pulsating operation, special homogenized disk structure, circle structure in the unit and uniform water and air distribution, fouling can be effectively controlled;

  • Small footprint: High integration of membrane reactor and the system covers very small footprint;

  • Easy installation and maintenance: Due to detachable membrane components and compact structure, it is easy to be installed. Thus, it is applied to large and medium-sized projects;

  • Long service life: Due to new blending formulation and“3H”patent technology for membrane production, the life is more than 5 years.



Note: *Design flux is determined by the water temperature and water quality conditions.


Notes: (1) *Treatment capacity with water temperature of 10℃ ;
          (2)   Customization of special requirements please contact


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