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H-MBRU Array Membrane Bioreactor Unit

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology is one of the critical technologies of implementing the strategy of "energy saving and emission reduction" and "sewage recycling". High Efficiency Membrane Bioreactor Unit (H-MBRU) is designed base on a new corrugated membrane witch featured with the advantages of both hollow fiber membrane and flat membrane.

 Adopted the advanced micro-corrugated molding and homogenization, the composite process preparation, the H-MBRU has the characteristics of small footprint, low operating energy consumption, strong impact resistance, and simple disassembly and maintenance.


  • Excellent effluent quality: Uniform membrane pore size distribution, high filtration precision, effluent turbidity less than 1.0 NTU;

  • Low operating energy consumption: With uniform and independent channel design, horizontal water collection technology, the energy consumption per unit of permeated water purging can be as low as 0.08-0.12 kW h/m³;

  • Strong fouling resistance: With unique corrugated structure, turbulent hydraulic force, strong shear force, the fouling and hair accumulation are largely prevented;

  • Small footprint: The unit assures very small footprint due to the features of multi-layer structure, packing density reached to 400m2/m2 and less 1 hour hydraulic retention time;

  • Long service life: With liner type structure, more than 1000 N of breaking stress, service life of the unit is more than 5 years;

  • Convenient Maintenance: The sludge can be automatically removed via diaphragm vibrates at high frequency, it is not necessary to disassemble the unit for cleaning;


Specification E.JPG
H-MBRU model.JPG

Note: (1) The rated capacity is at a water temperature of 20°C and a sludge concentration of 6~12 g/L;

         (2) The main material of the membrane unit body is SUS304;

         (3) Special specification requirements and materials can be customized;


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