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Major Application:

  • Urban wastewater treatment and reclamation;

  (newly built or reconstructed, expand capacity and upgrade) 

  • ​Industrial wastewater treatment;​

  • Industrial water reuse and power plants water purification, etc;

  • Production of high purity water in electronics and power industry;

  • Advanced industrial wastewater treatment for industrial park, petroleum refinery, coal chemical industry, medicine, printing and dyeing, paper industry and food industry, etc.

  • Rural sewage treatment with high-standard;​​

  • Medical Wastewater treatment ;

  • Treatment of other sewage (wastewater) similar to urban sewage quality.

  • RO/NF pre-treatment

  • Concentrated water treatment of RO/DF system;

  • Water for beverage, potable water production, food processing and drug production;

  • R-BW8040-FR(400) product is the anti-fouling membrane element, which is applicable to biofouling tendency in raw water.

  • Villages/villa/residential area;

  • Scenic spot/ecological park;

  • School/hospital/office building;

  • Expressway service area;

  • Emergency decontamination/black and smelly water.

  • Emergency water supply in cities and towns;

  • Areas of natural hazards; 

  • Areas of sudden water pollution;

  • Emergency water supply in the remote area;

  • Field work;

    Army field operation/exercise

​ Key Words (Technology):

Microfiltration Membrane

Fiber reinforced microfiltration (RF) membrane

High effluent quality

Low effluent turbidity

Excellent hydrophilicity by the blending modification technology

Tensile strength of the membrane

MBRU(Membrane Bioreactor Unit)

Due to slot-type gas collecting pulse aeration and three-position water collecting technology

Hollow Fiber Microfiltration Membrane Module

Strong fouling resistance

S-MBRU (energy Saving Membrane Bioreactor Unit)

strategies of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and wastewater reclamation

V-MBRU (Vibration Membrane Bioreactor Unit)

The membrane vibrates in high frequency and automatically removes the concentrated sludge. The membrane can be recovered in situ cleaning.

H-MBRU (High Efficiency Membrane Bioreactor Unit)

SUF (Submerged Ultrafiltration Membrane Module)

OWUF (External Ultrafiltration Membrane Module)

BW (Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element)

High rejection rate:

coating technology and automatic membrane element production technique

the standard desalination rate of the membrane element 

Conduct physicochemical modification on the membrane surface 

Patented coating technology; due to the design of “short membrane envelopes, multiple spacers”, reduce the membrane fouling and improve the anti-fouling performance;

Improve and optimize the aromatic polyamide desalting layer

develop larger specific surface area to reduce the operation pressure

save the energy with the same water production.

Ozone oxidation catalyst

ICWT (Intelligent Compact Water Treatment System)

IHWT (Intelligent Household Wastewater Treatment Tank)

Emergency Water Purifying Vehicle

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