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S-MBRU Energy-saving Membrane Bioreactor Unit

S-MBRU Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology is one of the mainstream technologies currently implementing the strategies of "energy saving and emission reduction" and "sewage recycling". The energy-saving membrane bioreactor unit (S-MBRU) is the core product that enables MBR technology to further reduce energy consumption. It adopts slot-type gas collection pulse aeration technology and three-position water collection technology to reduce energy consumption for purging; interactive High shear aeration structure, stronger anti-pollution; special internal structure of the unit, no need for large-scale hydraulic circulation, so that the filling density of the membrane tank is higher.


  • Excellent effluent quality: Uniform membrane pore size distribution, high filtration precision, effluent turbidity lower than 1.0 NTU;

  • Low operating energy consumption: With slot-type gas collection pulse aeration and three-position water collection technology, the energy consumption per unit by air-sweeping is 0.1 kW h/m³;

  • Strong fouling resistance:  With unique cross-sectional structure of membrane pore with gradient network and an interactive high-shear aeration structure for the group module, the S-MBRU has high anti-pollution and chemical cleaning efficiency;

  • Small footprint: he unit assures very small footprint due to the membrane packing density in the membrane tank reaches 350 m2 / m2, and the hydraulic retention time is less than 1 h;

  • Long service life: ith fiber-reinforced composite membrane technology, the tensile strength of membrane fiber is more than 200 N, and the service life is more than 5 years.



Note: *Design flux is determined by the water temperature and water quality conditions



(1) The rated capacity is at a water temperature of 20°C and a sludge concentration of 6~12 g/L;

(2) The material of the membrane unit body is SUS304;

(3) Special specification requirements and materials can be customized;


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